M.A.S Additives Trading is one of the fastest growing animal health products trading companies in Bangladesh. The company has started it’s operations in 2013. It imports quality feed additives for livestock from world’s renowned animal feed additive manufacturing companies, like- Turms International, Palital, Denuco, Molimen etc. and supply all over Bangladesh in competitive price.
Initially, to ensure availability of Antibiotic free feed we are supporting the manufacturers and growers, thus helps to ensure safe human food. Our belief to explore the excellent service for our valued customers as well as the population. 
A team of skilled employees including 4 veterinarians are working to facilitate the supplies as well as technical support. We are proud to be the partner of prominent natural product manufacturers from South Korea, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. Not only, we sale the products, also ensure customer centric technical supports. 

Vision & Mission

Ensure sustainable healthy Bangladesh; where animal health is protected and safe protein supply for human is uninterrupted, visioning this, M.A.S is dedicated to supplying products from natural sources with no side effects, residual time/withdraw period and healthy & safe growth of animal (poultry, cattle, fish) for human consumption and farm profitability.
M.A.S Additives Trading is playing a crucial role in improving health & happiness, where no compromise with quality and cost effectiveness. We are always looking win win situation for all of our value chain actors.
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